Casolare vacanza Assisi

Apartments and independent suite with kitchen

A careful restoration has given a new youth to the old farmhouse, in the Assisi villages where once lived our family. Today it has become a tourist use Apartments Antica Dimora.

Historical Suite apartments

The thick stone walls completely restored, brick, wood and iron furnishings evoke the rural life of yesteryear.

Guests have at their disposal: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and independent entrance. The shabby and poor art decors are studied in detail. The stone walls, the wooden ceiling and panoramic windows, on the Subasio Park, warming the atmosphere. The completely restored thick original walls, brick, the iron and wood furnishings evoke the country life of yesteryear.

The house, where the apartments are located, has a long history. The Monte Subasio was already colonized by Roman times, because it easier to defend. It was more adapt to the agro-pastoral activities than the valley, which had not yet reclaimed wetlands.

Apartment suite of Armenzano

The Sentiero of Armenzano has a decade-long history of hospitality, one of the first licenses issued throughout Assisi. Being now joined by Antica Dimora Apartments contributes to a renewal and continuous improvement; a diverse offering among the comfort of the bed and breakfast and the independence of the apartment.