Armenzano Assisi

More than Assisi

Besides magic and seraphic Assisi there is much more to visit: we recommend all the beautiful towns that surround us; Armenzano, built on a hill and consists of three concentric circles and a rock overlooking the Apennines; Collepino country romantic charm built with pink stone Subasio, with fantastic sunset lights; Spello, “most splendid colony Iulia” where architecture, traditions and gastronomy form an indissoluble union, and much more… if you are curious we will explain all of our “jewels” near and far!

Collepino of Spello - Panorama
Collepino of Spello – Panorama
St. Mary of Angels - panorama
The valley of St. Mary of Angels in Assisi views
Hermitage of the Carceri Assisi
Detail of the Hermitage of the Carceri