Fauna of Subasio Park

Fauna in the Park of Subasio – Assisi

We love a lot of the animals, whether domestic or wild, but find yourself talking in the evening under the gazebo while boars are a few feet away looking for bulbs and roots to eat, is always a unique experience for us that we live for years in these places. Some of these photos were taken by our customers and others from us. The squirrel on the pine is my work (Sara); every morning around seven, I found him to jump from one branch to another to get to a nut and eat the coveted fruit in front of our eyes, this activity was already beginning since August, so that when the time of collection we just have to look at the leaves now that there are more nuts. We are so happy!

A family of wild boars photographed from the windows of the B&B The squirrel who ate all the nuts! A hare crossing the road