Prices and online quotation

Our prices almost fixed throughout the year. Choose the formula that’s right for you: we thought about customized packages and many offers reserved to those who come to us. If you stay more than 7 days we may apply an additional discounts, just ask via e-mail. Using the information form at the bottom of the page you can ask questions and require availabilities.

Bed and Breakfast

€ 50

per couple per day
(base rate)

Room + private bath,
sheets and towels
Independent Apartment + Breakfast

€ 60

per couple per day
(base rate)

Private apartment: room + bath + kitchen,
breakfast products inside,
sheets and towels

Discounts apply for double single use.
Children under the age of 10 will receive a discount of 20%.
Special discounts for long stays, low season and groups.

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